How does AMR affect you?

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a serious public health problem that could affect your health.

For many years we have enjoyed the benefits of antibiotics. They improve the safety of many medical procedures and treat many common bacterial infections. Without effective antibiotics many bacterial infections could cause serious illness or even death.

AMR is already causing serious problems.

People with an antibiotic resistant infection:

  • are more difficult to treat
  • may be sick for longer
  • may require more expensive health care and medications
  • may require different antibiotics that can cause more harmful side effects
  • may require more complex care and longer hospital stays
  • have a higher risk of spreading illness to other people.

Some people have already died from infections that can’t be treated by any antibiotics.

The worst case scenario is that we no longer have effective antibiotics to treat infections.

The good news is that AMR is reversible. You can reduce your risk by only using antibiotics appropriately and as prescribed.

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Last updated: 
31 October 2017