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Antibiotics are overused in Australia. The more we use antibiotics, the more chance of antimicrobial resistance. Resistant bacteria can spread to other people. All Australians need to act to reduce antibiotic resistance.

All Australians need to act to reduce antibiotic resistance. 

What you can do

  1. Prevent infections by regularly washing your hands and keeping up to date with vaccinations
  2. Prevent food-borne infections by washing fruits and vegetables and cooking food properly
  3. Understand that antibiotics only work against bacteria. They do not work for colds and flus which are caused by viruses
  4. Don’t pressure your health professional for antibiotics if they say you don’t need them, ask about other ways to relieve your symptoms
  5. Only take antibiotics when they are prescribed for you, don’t use or share leftover antibiotics
  6. Follow your health professional’s instructions when you are prescribed antibiotics

Why you need to take action

Another reason to reduce antibiotic use

Antibiotics are a medicine and, like all medicines, they can cause side effects. When you take antibiotics when they are not needed, you are taking an unnecessary risk. More information about antibiotics can be found on the NPS MedicineWise webpage Antibiotics, explained.

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