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Use this form to submit your research or activity to our directory. It must support Australia’s response to antimicrobial resistance (AMR). This includes projects led by any level of Australian government, non-government organisations, professional bodies and research organisations.

Anyone who is doing research or an activity that supports Australia’s response to AMR can submit a summary to be listed in the directory. Activities included in the directory can be led by:

  • the Australian Government
  • state and territory governments
  • non-government organisations
  • professional bodies
  • research organisations.

The AMR Directory lists current activities and research on AMR in Australia.

The directory provides a space for researchers and organisations to share information. The activities included in the directory will help build our information on AMR. This helps us to target our efforts to the areas most needed and strengthen Australia’s response to AMR.

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The details you provide in the submission form will be publicly available on the website if your submission is accepted. This will allow others in the AMR community to contact you and get involved.

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