One Health Master Action Plan to support Australia’s National Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy

The Australian Government has released the One Health Master Action Plan to help guide and coordinate the actions of government, industry, researchers, professionals and the public, over the next 5 years, to achieve the objectives of Australia’s National Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy – 2020 and beyond.

AMR is a serious threat that affects:

  • human and animal health
  • agriculture
  • the environment
  • food sectors.

To effectively tackle AMR, we need a ‘One Health’ approach: coordinated effort and action across the animal and human health, environment, agricultural and food sectors. Stakeholders are encouraged to develop their own action plans specifying the activities that they will undertake to reduce AMR, based on the strategy and the master action plan.

A national monitoring and evaluation framework will be developed to measure our progress and success in implementing the strategy and master action plan.

The master action plan was developed by the Department of Health and Aged Care and the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. It was informed by advice from the Australian Strategic and Technical Advisory Group on AMR and stakeholders, including state and territory authorities.

Date published: 
19 February 2021