Discovery and development of bacteriophage for phage therapy

This collaborative research project is isolating clinically effective ‘cocktails’ of bacteriophages that kill bacteria resistant to antimicrobials.

Lead organisation(s):

Monash University. University of California in San Diego.

Project type:
In progress

The project involves the Centre to Impact AMR, Monash University, working with clinicians from:

  • Alfred Hospital, Melbourne
  • the Center for Innovative Phage Applications & Therapeutics (University of California, San Diego – UCSD).

Isolating clinically effective ‘cocktails’ is a challenge that can only be met by collaboration between:

  • research scientists trained in phage biology (Monash)
  • phage manufacturing and formulation (Monash)
  • clinicians with experience in clinical deployment of phages (UCSD).
The project was inititated this year, to run for 5 years.
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