Australian Strategic and Technical Advisory Group on AMR (ASTAG)

The Australian Strategic and Technical Advisory Group on AMR (ASTAG) develops and provides expert advice on AMR-related issues, including current and emerging issues, research priorities and implementation approaches to support Australia’s National Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy – 2020 and Beyond. The Antimicrobial Resistance Governance Group (ARGG) uses this advice to decide on the actions needed to combat AMR.

ASTAG includes members with expertise from across the fields of human health, animal health, food, agriculture and the environment. Through its membership, it will strengthen links between governments, industry, professional bodies and other key stakeholders, to support a coordinated and sustainable response to AMR.

The advisory function of ASTAG is supported by the ASTAG Consultative Group which provides a platform for wider consultation, information sharing and strategic engagement on various key national AMR initiatives. The group will be comprised of organisational representatives from:

  • industry
  • professional bodies
  • other key stakeholder groups.


ASTAG is co-chaired by the Australian Government Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and the Australian Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO) and is comprised of individual experts in the field of antimicrobial resistance from the One Health sectors.

The following individuals are appointed to ASTAG for its 2021–2023 membership term:

Name Area of expertise
Professor Paul Kelly (co-chair) Human health
Dr Mark Schipp (co-chair) Animal health
Dr Jo Coombe Animal health
Professor Erica Donner Environment
Professor Ben Howden Human health
Dr Susan Jain Human health
Dr David Jordan Animal health
Dr Francisco Lopez-Ruiz Plant health
Dr Joanne Mollinger Animal health
Dr Stephen Page Animal health
Professor David Paterson Human health
Professor Darren Trott Food production and safety
Dr Mike Williams Plant health
Professor Deborah Williamson Human health
Last updated: 
12 August 2020